Media Appearances

Featured Media Appearances

Boston Public Radio: Harvard & Affirmative Action on Trial.Basic Black on WGBH (February 2022).

Affirmative Action and America’s ‘Cosmetically Diverse’ College Campuses.” The Argument, New York Times podcast (February 2022).Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 7.16.07 PM

Higher Education Showdown.” Bloomberg News (February 2022).

Money and privilege: College admissions scam highlights problems within system.MSNBC (March 2019).

The Diversity Bargain: And Other Dilemmas of Race, Admissions, and Meritocracy at Elite Universities. Talk at NYU (February 2017), on C-SPAN Book TV.

More Radio

If the Supreme Court restricts race in college admissions, should schools adopt slave descent as a factor instead?” GBH News (February 2022).

Weighing legacy in the college admissions debate.” WBUR Radio Boston (February 2022).Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 11.34.46 PM

Should elite higher education institutions end favorable admissions practices for children of alumni?” Marketplace (February 2022).

As Supreme Court Weighs Harvard Admissions Case, Two Asian Americans Speak Out And Allege Bias.” GBH News (July 2021).

Boston Exam Schools Temporarily Suspend Admissions Test, But Should The Change Be Made Permanent?WBUR Radio Boston (November 2020).

Remote Learning Is A Challenge, Especially For Students In Districts With Fewer Resources.” WGBH News (May 2020). Greater Boston

Harvard Can Continue to Consider Race in Admissions, Federal Judge Rules.WNYC, The Takeaway (October 2019).

What Does The Judge’s Ruling In Favor Of Harvard In Its Admissions Case Mean?Greater Boston, WGBH (October 2019).

Local Reaction To The Ruling In The Harvard Admission’s Case.WBUR Radio Boston (October 2019).

Salacious College Admissions Scandal Highlights Commonplace Inequities.WNYC, The Takeaway (March 2019).

College Admissions Scandal.KPFA Up Front (March 2019).

College Admissions Cheating.WBAI, Waking up with Julianna Forlano (March 2019).

How Fairness Is Defined In Today’s Hyper-Competitive College Landscape.NPR Morning Edition (March 2019).basicblack1

Fallout, Local Reaction After The College Admissions Bribery Scam.WBUR Radio Boston (March 2019).

Would A Lottery System Make College Admissions Fairer?WORT Madison Community Radio (January 2019).

Boston Public Radio: Harvard Admissions Lawsuit and Affirmative Action.Basic Black on WGBH (November 2018).

Lawsuit Against Harvard Puts Asian-Americans at Center of Affirmative Action Debate.WNYC, The Takeaway (October 2018).

White House Withdraws Obama-Era Guidance For Colleges On Upping Diversity In Admissions.WBUR Radio Boston (July 2018).

College Admissions Lottery.NPR Marketplace (June 2018). Download here, starts after minute 5.img_1594

New Documents In Harvard Lawsuit Provide Peek At Admissions Process.WBUR Radio Boston (June 2018).

‘The Diversity Bargain’: How Students View Affirmative Action.WBUR Radio Boston  (September 2017).

The Reverse Discrimination Script.SiriusXM News and Issues, The Briefing (August 2017).

Affirmative Action in Higher Education.WOSU Public Media Radio (August 2017).wgbh

For Now, Federal Focus On Affirmative Action Centers On Harvard.WBUR Radio Boston (August 2017).

The Problem with Affirmative Action.With Good Reason (June 2017).

Elite Education.BBC4 Thinking Allowed interview on The Diversity Bargain (April 2017).

Black College Students Major in Fields That Offer Lower Economic Payoffs, Study Finds.Boston Public Radio (February 2016).

Elite University Admissions.BBC4 (October 2013).MSNBC

Harvard prof saw danger of dysfunctional ‘meritocracy’ in affirmative action case.Minnesota Public Radio (June 2013).

More TV

A discussion of The State Must Provide by Adam Harris. Talk at Harvard Bookstore (September 2021), on C-SPAN Book TV.

Breaking Down the College Admissions Scandal.New England Cable News (March 2019).

More Podcasts

Fair Admission Podcast Advocates for Reform of This College Process.” BU Today (April 2021).

Harvard Crimson Under Review Podcast.Understanding Baggy Pants

Evaluating Fairness in College Admissions. Harvard EdCast (November 2018).

Color-blindness or diversity? How to think about affirmative action.” Think About It podcast with Uli Baer, NYU.

Who is Affirmative Action For?Scholars Strategy Network No Jargon Podcast (August 2017).

Natasha Warikoo on The Diversity Bargain.The Society Pages (February 2017).Merit Into Context

Putting Merit into Context.Harvard Graduate School of Education (August 2014).

Understanding Baggy Pants.Harvard Graduate School of Education (January 2011).

More Webinars

Lean Semesters: How Higher Education Reproduces Inequity.” Trinity College (March 2022).

Higher Education Webinar: Diversity, equity, and inclusion in College and University Admissions.” Council on Foreign Relations (March 2022).